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2021 Agenda
Tuesday, May 11 (9:30a–12p ET/2:30p–5p BST)
Global and National Security Challenges


Welcome and Introductory Remarks

'What Worries Me Most About Future National Security Issues – A Conversation with General Michael V. Hayden (Ret.), Former Director, CIA and NSA'

'What Worries Me Most About Future National Security Issues – A Conversation with Sir Alex Younger, Former Chief, British Secret Intelligence Service MI6'

'The Future of Afghanistan – A Conversation with General David Petraeus (Ret.), Former CIA Director'

'What a Future Russia House Must Look Like – A Conversation with Paul Kolbe, Director of the Intelligence Project at Harvard University’s Belfer Center and former Senior CIA Officer and Dan Hoffman, former CIA Chief of Station and current FOX News Analyst'

Wednesday, May 12 (9a–12p ET/2p–5p BST)
Future Threats & Alliances

'The Future of Alliances – A Conversation about the Five Eyes Alliance and How to Forge Closer Relationships with Non-5 Eyes Allies with Former Chief, British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 Sir John Scarlett, Former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin, Former Director-General of Security, Australia David Irvine and Former Deputy Minister of National Defence, Canada Dick Fadden' 

'Protecting Future Elections and the Truth From Russian Interference – A Conversation with former Director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper'

'The Dynamics Shaping Future Alliances in The Middle East – A Conversation with Cipher Brief Expert and Former National Intelligence Manager for Iran, ODNI, Norm Roule'

'What Do We Want and Need from China – A Conversation with Tom Tugendhat, British Conservative Party politician serving as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.' Moderated by BBC News Security Correspondent Gordon Corera

Thursday, May 13 (9a–12p ET/2p–5p BST)
Cyber, Emerging Technology and Future Security

'The Future of the Public – Private Alliance – A Conversation with Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, The Hon. Susan Gordon'

'Emerging Technologies and Public-Private Sector Cooperation among Allies'

'The Future of International Cooperation on Cyber – A Conversation with former GHCQ Deputy Director Conrad Prince, and Crowdstrike Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Silverado Policy Accelerator Dmitri Alperovitch.' Moderated by BBC News Security Correspondent Gordon Corera

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